The RulesEdit

Each round lasts a day. In each round, each player partakes in a challenge done by them individually. The best players in the challenge will anonymously win the POWER to take out one Pokemon from the game. The order in which they vote is based on their stats in that day's challenge.

Pokemon with POWER must secretly send in their top 5 votes for who they want out. If their top choice is either another winner or a loser that someone already voted out, then their list goes down to the next appliable choice. The order of which a Pokemon can send their vote is based on their placings on that day's challenge.

During round 1, losers do nothing. Rounds 2-12, all LOSERS must guess who they think are one of the winners of the POWER last round. Even if they're correct, it doesn't save the player from being voted off by the new winner of the POWER, however it will hurt that winner's chances of winning in the end. The winner is determined by votes throughtout the game.

  • LOSER- Correct Guess = 3 points (Rounds 2-3), 2 points (Rounds 4-7), 1 point (Rounds 8-12).
  • LOSER - Gets Guessed = 0.5 points per guess.
  • LOSER - Guess gets eliminated = -1 point.
  • WINNER- Gets Guessed = -1.5 points (Rounds 2-3),-1 point (Rounds 4-7), -0.5 point (Rounds 8-12) per correct guess.
  • WINNER- Votes off a correct guesser that round = 5 points (Rounds 2-3), 3 points (Rounds 4-7), 2 points (Rounds 8-12).
  • WINNERS get 3 points just for winning.
  • Starting Season 2, participants who make halfway good placing but doesn't get top in the competition gets 1 extra point.

Season 2 TableEdit

Round 1 Round 2 Round 3 Round 4 Round 5 Round 6 Round 7 Round 8 Round 9 Round 10 Round 11 Round 12 Total Points
Winners 1st: Bulbasaur
2nd: Sylveon
3rd: Swampert
1st: Glaceon
2nd: Vaporeon
3rd: Meganium
1st: Sylveon
2nd: Oshawott
3rd: Bulbasaur
1st: Combusken
2nd: Charmander
Out Treecko
Bulbasaur 1st - Treecko 16th - Swampert 3rd - Quilava 3rd - Umbreon 9.5
Charmander 8th 6th - Flareon 5th - Chimchar 2nd - Totodile 8.5
Combusken 22nd 22nd - Meganium 11th - Empoleon 1st - Leafeon 4
Delphox 13th 4th - Vaporeon 8th - Totodile 7th - Leafeon 4.5
Flareon 23rd 13th - Pignite 15th - Combusken 10th - Combusken 1.5
Froakie 26th 17th - Flareon 7th - Flareon 6th - Servine 2
Glaceon 9th 1st - Pignite 14th - Empoleon 15th - Flareon 3.5
Grotle 7th 7th - Flareon 10th - Delphox 8th - Meganium 4
Jolteon 5th 20th - Leafeon 12th - Umbreon 4th - Totodile 2
Meganium 16th 3rd - Swampert 6th - Jolteon 9th - Servine 5.5
Oshawott 24th 8th - Chimchar 2nd - Chimchar 5th - Charmander 10.5
Servine 25th 23rd - Leafeon 20th - Bulbasaur 16th - Jolteon 2.5
Sylveon 2nd - Squirtle 10th - Chimchar 1st - Empoleon 17th - Meganium 6
Umbreon 19th 15th - Vaporeon 17th - Meganium 14th - Combusken 4.5
Vaporeon 6th 2nd - Espeon 13th - Delphox 13th - Delphox 4
Totodile 21st 19th - Combusken 4th - Servine 12th - Sylveon OUT 4.5
Leafeon 18th 11th - Empoleon 18th - Totodile 11th - Servine OUT 2.5
Chimchar 12th 21st - Oshawott 16th - Vaporeon OUT 6
Empoleon 11th 9th - Vaporeon 19th - Chimchar OUT 3
Quilava 17th 12th - Empoleon 9th - Umbreon OUT 2
Pignite 10th 5th - Glaceon OUT 2.5
Swampert 3rd - Quilladin 14th - Servine OUT 1.5
Espeon 4th 18th - Meganium OUT 1
Quilladin 14th OUT 0
Squirtle 15th OUT 0
Treecko 20th OUT 0

Season 1Edit

Round 1 Round 2 Round 3 Round 4 Round 5 Round 6 Round 7 Round 8 Round 9 Round 10 Round 11 Round 12 Total Points
Winners 1st: Tangela
2nd: Mothim
3rd: Patrat
1st: Lapras
2nd: Pyroar
3rd: Kadabra
1st: Lapras
2nd: Mandibuzz
1st: Pyroar
2nd: Tangela
1st: Gloom
2nd: Tangela
1st: Crustle
2nd: Staravia
Gligar Banette Crustle Crustle Lapras Lapras Lapras
Out Dustox
Staravia Tangela Gogoat Aggron Gligar Mandibuzz 2nd: Crustle
3rd: Happiny
4th: Banette
Lapras 6th 1st- Pangoro 1st- Chatot 13th- Aggron 5th- Pyroar 5th- Banette 3rd- Staravia 9th- Gogoat 6th- Gogoat 3rd- Mandibuzz 1st- Gligar 1st- Mandibuzz 13.5
Crustle 9th 14th- Snivy 16th- Sliggoo 5th- Banette 10th- Gogoat 1st- Gloom 8th- Lapras 3rd- Gligar 1st- Gogoat 1st- Aggron 3rd 5th- Happiny 13
Happiny 24th 17th- Tangela 10th- Patrat 14th- Staravia 9th- Crustle 9th- Gloom 6th- Gogoat 8th- Mandibuzz 5th- Aggron 4th- Crustle 2nd- Crustle 4th- Lapras 10.5
Banette 16th 5th- Pyroar 6th- Patrat 11th- Lapras 3rd- Gogoat 4th- Happiny 4th- Crustle 1st- Tangela 8th 2nd- Gligar  4th- Gligar 3rd- Happiny 7.5
Mandibuzz 13th 4th- Gligar 2nd- Sliggoo 6th- Aggron 12th- Banette 7th- Gogoat 2nd- Lapras 5th- Crustle 3rd- Gogoat 7th- Aggron 5th- Gligar 2nd- Crustle 2
Gligar 14th 19th- Pangoro 4th- Gogoat 3rd- Blissey 7th- Gloom 12th- Crustle 1st- Staravia 6th 4th- Happiny 5th- Banette 6th- Banette OUT 3
Aggron 10th 10th- Gloom 8th- Gogoat 15th- Gogoat 14th- Staravia 10th- Banette 5th- Crustle 2nd- Gligar 2nd- Mandibuzz 6th- Crustle OUT 6.5
Gogoat 19th 8th- Crustle 9th- Tangela 7th- Happiny 4th- Gligar 8th- Staravia 7th- Gligar 4th- Gligar 7th- Happiny OUT 7
Tangela 1st- Dustox 16th- Patrat 13th- Staravia 2nd- Kadabra 2nd- Snivy 3rd- Crustle 9th- Banette 7th- Lapras OUT 11.5
Staravia 7th 20th- Sliggoo 17th- Kadabra 4th- Mandibuzz 11th- Snivy 2nd- Pyroar 10th- Tangela OUT 9
Pyroar 11th 2nd- Mothim 5th- Gloom 1st- Blissey 8th- Banette 11th- Staravia OUT 6
Gloom 12th 15th- Lapras 12th- Crustle 8th- Pyroar 1st- Patrat 6th- Gogoat OUT 4
Patrat 3rd- Ivysaur 6th- Snivy 11th- Crustle 10th- Lapras 6th- Lapras OUT 4.5
Snivy 22nd 21st- Crustle 3rd- Staravia 12th- Lapras 13th- Mandibuzz OUT 4
Kadabra 21st 3rd- Numel 18th- Happiny 9th- Crustle OUT 1.5
Blissey 8th 11th- Sliggoo 7th- Snivy 16th- Aggron OUT 0.5
Sliggoo 18th 18th- Pangoro 14th- Gloom OUT 0.5
Chatot 17th 9th- Crustle 15th- Banette OUT 0
Mothim 2nd- Helioptile 13th- Gligar OUT 3
Pangoro 20th 12th- Gogoat OUT 1
Numel 23rd 7th- Lapras OUT 0
Ivysaur 4th OUT 0
Helioptile 15th OUT 0
Dustox 5th OUT 0